More than 100 years’ experience in the production and sale of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We are the fourth generation of a family business, adapted to the current needs of our customers. We have grown with a firm objective to continue working with professionalism.
This is how we have always done it, in order to give our very best.
Our predecessors started the business in 1911 and we have been growing with enthusiasm, working on continuous improvement, with a passion for our work.
In addition to selling fruit and vegetables, at Prats Fruits we are producers of pip fruit, organic almonds and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Prats Fruits has five fundamental commitments that we focus on every day:

Commitment with producers

We work with the best farmers under a model of mutual collaboration, which guarantees us a product of the highest quality.

Commitment with the product

We guarantee delivery of a healthy, high-quality product, which meets all the food safety specifications and regulations.

Commitment with the community

We create the most suitable conditions for all our employees to be able to develop their skills.

Commitment with the client

We offer an efficient sales service designed for your needs. We want to be your trusted supplier.

Commitment with the environment

We verify our suppliers’ compliance with regulations on organic products.

En Prats Fruits tenemos cinco compromisos fundamentales que marcan nuestro día a día:

Compromiso con los productores

Trabajamos con los mejores agricultores bajo un modelo de colaboración mutua, lo que nos garantiza un producto de excelente calidad.

Compromiso con el cliente

Ofrecemos un servicio de venta eficiente y pensado en tus necesidades. Queremos ser tu proveedor de confianza.

Compromiso con el producto

Garantizamos la entrega de un producto saludable y de calidad, que cumple todas las especificaciones y normativas de la seguridad alimentaria.

Compromiso con el medio ambiente

Verificamos el cumplimiento de la normativa de productos biológicos por parte de nuestros proveedores.

Compromiso con la comunidad

Creamos las condiciones más adecuadas para que todos nuestros empleados puedan desarrollar sus competencias.


  • Collbató (Barcelona):

    We have olive groves where we produce our own organic Arberquina olive oil: Òliba de Can Dolcet.

  • Estada (Huesca):

    In Somontano we grow the ercolini pear responsibly. Our brands, Monte Aguares and Mi Pera, identify our best selection.

  • Mequinenza (Zaragoza):

    The production of organic almonds comes from our fields located in Bajo Cinca.